Esta Rohr has stood for reliable quality 'Made in Germany' since 1980. The success our company enjoys today is founded not least upon the dedication of a team headed by our production manager Frank Lohmann, who has guided its fortunes for many decades. After 40 years of uninterrupted service with the company, our employee of the first hour is set to embark upon a well-deserved retirement. Lohmann has a reputation for keeping on top of everything and consequently has also ensured his legacy will be continued by an experienced specialist who has developed over the years from his own ranks. Jörg Dietrich will now manage pipe production with all his experience and ensure the Esta Rohr success story will go on. That's something we're convinced of! An interview with two titans of the stainless steel pipe community...


Frank Lohmann

Esta: Mr Lohmann, you will soon be celebrating your 40th anniversary with Esta Rohr. Do you remember your first day at work?
Lohmann: Even though it was 40 years ago, I remember it very well. It was the 1st of August 1980. At that time stainless steel strips were still split at Esta in Anzhausen and then machined into stainless steel pipes at the pipe works in Kaan-Marienborn. Back then my job started on a splitting line.

Esta: You're set to embark upon a well-deserved retirement. Will you miss your job and colleagues at the pipe works?
Lohmann: Definitely, there's no question about it! We've achieved a lot together. 40 years of continuous development is only possible with good colleagues, as well as a good measure of fun at work!

Esta: Do you look back on any event with particular fondness?
Lohmann: I can think of many... (smiles) Company parties at Esta Rohr were always something special. We partied a lot and hard – sometimes into the early hours of the morning. But if you can play hard, you can work hard!

Esta: What are your plans for retirement? I guess you've got a lot on your agenda!
Lohmann: First and foremost, I will devote more time to my family. Of course, I sincerely hope we stay healthy for long into the future! I want to cover many more kilometres on my mountain bike in the local forests. It goes without saying that I will stay in contact with my colleagues and call in at the Esta pipe works from time to time.

Esta: As the popular saying goes: Nothing is more constant than change. What springs to mind when it comes to your time at Esta Rohr?
Lohmann: Well, this is one popular saying that's 100% true! What springs to mind? An incredible amount has changed since I started work four decades ago. For example, we only used TIG to weld pipes. We now weld with CO2 lasers and fibre laser is set to follow. The share of ferritic grades has greatly increased. Having said all that, I believe that advances are only possible with good colleagues and superiors. And that's definitely the case at Esta Rohr.

Esta: Hindsight is a wonderful thing. What experience and words of advice can you share with your successor, Mr Dietrich, for his job at the pipe works – or what stumbling blocks can you prepare him for?
Lohmann: Never give up!

Esta: When it comes to work-life balance, how did you manage to reconcile work and family life?
Lohmann: Work, family and leisure are always part of life. In fact, I believe they are inseparable. I have always had a strong team by my side, both in terms of my family and of my colleagues at Esta Rohr. And for that I'm truly grateful!

Esta: What are your hopes for your successor and for your company?
Lohmann: Keep it up Jörg, keep it up Esta Rohr. We're on an excellent path!


Jörg Dietrich

Esta: You have big shoes to fill. How do you feel about your new task?
Dietrich: I first felt incredibly honoured to have actually been asked. I can now benefit from the experience gained over the past three decades. I've also learnt a lot from Frank. After all, he has far more experience. It means more responsibility, of course, but that's something I'll grow and develop with.

Esta: You have been with us for 30 years now and know what makes things tick. Will everything stay the same or will there be some changes in the pipe works?
Dietrich: Much of what we've done in recent years is tried, tested and proven. I will try to get to grips with any issues and also want to get my colleagues, e.g. on the lines, on board. At the same time, it's important to position Esta Rohr for the future.

Esta: Have you ever considered leaving?
Dietrich: No. Although some days aren't as good as others, we've always managed to find a solution to the problems faced over the years. It's always been possible to find someone competent to consult. In addition, there was always a good outlook for the future. It isn't without reason that we've managed to survive the recent crises relatively unscathed.

Esta: How do you find a balance with your professional life, especially when your responsibility increases?
Dietrich: Hobbies, my partner, the peace nature offers and a circle of friends built up over decades provide the necessary support. And the football stadium is the place to go if we need to let off steam. Deep in the west...

Esta: What's your greatest wish? For yourself personally and for Esta Rohr?
Dietrich: Health for me and those who matter to me and healthy growth for Esta Rohr.

Esta: Mr Lohmann and you have been colleagues for a very long time. What will you miss most of all when he is no longer in the pipe works?
Dietrich: The open, considerate and friendly way we went about solving problems, some great conversations, and the occasional stupid remark, of course. But I know I can continue to count on his advice if there are any problems and we'll definitely keep in touch privately.

This is an article from our customer journal esta INFORMS: The Stainless Steel Pipe Magazine

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