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Stefan Müller
Stefan MüllerExecutive Director
Sven Pitzer
Sven PitzerTechnical Director /
Authorised Signatory
Frank Lohmann
Frank LohmannProduction Management
Dirk Hellmann
Dirk HellmannSales Management
Ulrich Jürgens
Ulrich JürgensProduct Manager Pipeline Systems
Ulrich Schönling
Ulrich SchönlingTraining Management
Andreas Faßbender
Andreas FaßbenderSales
Philipp Alexander Grebe
Philipp Alexander GrebeSales
Anja Pitzer
Anja PitzerSales
Dennis Traut
Dennis TrautQuality Management
Jörg Dietrich
Jörg DietrichProduction Management
Robert Gyurcsi
Robert GyurcsiShipping management
Egon Quente
Egon QuenteMaintenance Manager
Alfred Huber
Alfred HuberApplication Engineer
Pipeline Systems
Doris Hellmann
Doris HellmannPurchasing and Work Planning
Sarah Lumen
Sarah LumenPurchasing and Work Planning
Manuel Flick
Manuel FlickPurchasing and Work Planning
Micha Hünerbein
Micha HünerbeinPurchasing and Work Planning
Thomas Röcher
Thomas RöcherArea Manager Pipe Systems
Dennis Röcher
Dennis RöcherSales Representative Pipe Systems

About us

We have been producing steel and stainless steel pipes in our factories for 40 years. As a German pipe manufacturer we are committed to offering products of the highest quality. You can learn about Esta Rohr's other lines of business alongside stainless steel pipe production at

How to reach us

Esta Rohr GmbH
Eisenhüttenstraße 11-17
D-57074 Siegen Kaan-Marienborn

Hotline: +49 (0)271/ 6909-0




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