Stainless steel pipes of the highest quality are produced on our specially configured systems using laser welding processes. In recent years traditional methods like TIG welding have been completely superseded by laser welding when it comes to welded stainless steel pipe production in our company. The extremely narrow weld seam, the smaller heat-affected zone and a small root reinforcement characterise this process.

For the selection of the optimum input material, all the machining and finishing stages essential for the pipe are incorporated into the process. This includes rounding, smoothing out internal and external seams, solution annealing, deburring or grinding of the pipes. In-process quality controls far exceed the norm.

We produce and supply stainless steel pipes with outer diameters of 12.00 mm to 108.00 mm and wall thicknesses of 0.50 mm to 2.00 mm.
  • Profiling

    Rounding is the first stage the stainless steel strips pass through. Apart from the usual round pipes, square pipes, D-profile pipes and more can also be manufactured here.
  • Laser welding

    Stainless steel pipes of the highest quality are produced using laser welding processes. The extremely narrow weld seam, the smaller heat-affected zone and a small weld height characterise this process.
  • Smoothing (internal and external)

    A true speciality of ours is smoothing out the internal and external seams on laser welded pipes. This process is extremely challenging and requires a great deal of know-how. The external weld seam area is ground smooth on all pipes.
  • Annealing

    The weld seam is homogenised and the structure of the base material returned to its undeformed initial state by means of annealing appropriate for the material involved. The result is good deformability and even higher corrosion resistance.
  • Deburring

    After the pipes have been cut to size, the burrs are mechanically removed from the cut edges. This ensures perfect functionality without the risk of injury.
  • Grinding

    Grinding the pipes subsequently produces a clearly defined appearance. The result is aesthetically pleasing surfaces and a consistent grinding pattern.
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A true speciality of ours is smoothing out the internal and external seams on laser welded pipes. Positioning and fixing the mandrel inside the pipe is a particular challenge that cannot be solved reliably with conventional smoothing equipment.
This puts us in a leading position.

Mechanical smoothing of the weld root is perfectly integrated into the production process with the latest equipment.
The narrow laser weld seam combined with internal seams that have been smoothed out mechanically deliver perfect visual and technological results.

This pays off especially when the customer reworks the pipes. The smoother transition may also be necessary after further processing if the inner surface of the pipes acts as a sealing surface, e.g. against O-rings, or if adhesion of the medium flowing through them is to be reduced.
In addition to the special smoothing out of the internal seam, the standard grinding of the external weld seam area is also integrated into the process, of course.


We speak 'stainless steel' and are committed to the highest standards of quality – including when implementing complex customer requirements.

Real stainless steel pipes come from Esta Rohr. Industries and companies with extreme requirements have relied on this for 40 years.

Consult us directly and benefit from the extensive industry and material knowledge we possess as an experienced manufacturer. We give our customers advice and support right from the early stages of development – an added value that contributes to process optimisation from the very outset and ensures that deadlines are met.

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We have been producing steel and stainless steel pipes in our factories for 40 years. As a German pipe manufacturer we are committed to offering products of the highest quality. You can learn about Esta Rohr's other lines of business alongside stainless steel pipe production at

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