Real stainless steel pipes come from Esta Rohr.

Industries and companies with extreme requirements have relied on this for 40 years.




We at Esta Rohr precisely adapt to your product ideas.

Optimum pipe characteristics allow us to create the conditions for your specific forming technologies and product applications.

Thanks to the wide range of special production processes and selection of the optimum input material, we guarantee stainless steel pipes with excellent characteristics for the widest conceivable range of forming technologies. This includes bending, contour roll forming, rolling of spiral and finned pipes, flanging, expanding and flaring, as well as hydroforming for complex geometries.

From real life – HOPPE Group

We have been making stainless steel pipes for the production of door and window hardware systems by HOPPE AG for many years. As a competence leader HOPPE relies only on the best suppliers. The millions of handles HOPPE produces with the stainless steel pipes means that you will certainly have grasped a HOPPE handle at some point.



Exacting customers from industry depend on Esta Rohr pipes for their heat exchangers, condensers and plant engineering.

Depend on our knowledge of process engineering right from the project planning stage in order to successfully realise your intended performance parameters.

he range of materials includes stainless and acid-resistant steels, heat-resistant steels and duplex stainless steels, right through to high-alloy fully austenitic analyses.
We manufacture according to DIN, ASTM and ASME standards – your products receive all the necessary certificates.

From real life – hot and cold

Stainless steel pipes for exhaust heat exchangers or cooling coils for filter systems: Esta Rohr pipes withstand even extreme temperatures and are in use for you everywhere.




Maximum safety and functionality have absolute priority in the automotive sector.

Pipes with special analyses and mechanical values, as well as the tightest tolerances are required by the manufacturers and implemented by us perfectly. This challenging task sees us put our skills to the test on a daily basis.

From real life – all the major players!

Automobile manufacturers rely on our unbeatable quality and delivery reliability. For example, we supply stainless steel pipes for filling and venting tanks, for fuel injection systems and for headrests.


Stainless steel pipe systems for drinking water, heating and industry

Our simplesta® stainless steel pipe systems set new standards in installation engineering. Our company's simplesta® programme comprises two comprehensive solutions: the simplesta® SH stainless steel pipe system for heating installations and diverse industrial applications and the simplesta® ST stainless steel pipe system for drinking water installations. All our stainless steel pipe systems have perfectly reliable connection technology. Pipes, fittings, and pressing technology from one single source.

Heating and industry

Unlike conventional supply systems in copper or carbon steel, our SH stainless steel pipe system consists of stainless steel. You and your customers will benefit from the enduring, outstanding quality and easy handling at unbeatable value for money now and for decades to come – a revolutionary promise.

Drinking water

Our expertise in installation engineering has been clearly demonstrated with the development of our world-class and proven ST stainless steel pipe system for drinking water installations. We guarantee unlimited and absolutely risk-free use for any water according to Germany's current Drinking Water Ordinance.


Learn more about the unbeatable simplesta® advantages at

About us

We have been producing steel and stainless steel pipes in our factories for 40 years. As a German pipe manufacturer we are committed to offering products of the highest quality. You can learn about Esta Rohr's other lines of business alongside stainless steel pipe production at

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