HOPPE and Esta Rohr – a strong team

We have been making stainless steel pipes for the production of door and window hardware systems by HOPPE AG for many years. As a competence leader HOPPE relies only on the best suppliers. The millions of handles HOPPE produces with the stainless steel pipes means that you will certainly have grasped a HOPPE handle at some point.

The company is recognised throughout Europe as the market leader in its segment. In addition to its large market share, HOPPE can boast a comprehensive product range and innovative strength.

The latest innovation from HOPPE AG is its 'HandsFree' e-handle – a convenient, contactless opening on the handle makes it possible to unlock the front door without having to take hold of anything. Anyone authorised to enter is automatically recognised via the encrypted signal of a transponder similar to a key fob when they approach the door. A light beam cast onto the floor indicates that the person approaching is authorised to enter. Briefly moving the foot through the light beam disengages the front door's motorised lock and the door can be opened – conveniently and contactless.

The stainless steel pipes for the handle on this innovative product come from Esta Rohr. The D-profile pipes serve as visually appealing high-quality blanks and merge with the technology of HOPPE AG to form the new product. Learn more about HOPPE AG at


About us

We have been producing steel and stainless steel pipes in our factories for 40 years. As a German pipe manufacturer we are committed to offering products of the highest quality. You can learn about Esta Rohr's other lines of business alongside stainless steel pipe production at

How to reach us

Esta Rohr GmbH
Eisenhüttenstraße 11-17
D-57074 Siegen Kaan-Marienborn

Hotline: +49 (0)271/ 6909-0




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